Faith Lutheran College Buses

The College now operates 11 bus services exclusively for Faith Lutheran College students. Please click the links below for details of our bus runs.

Our bus services take in:

Brassall - Walloon


Fernvale - Lowood


Gatton- Placid Hills

Karalee - Brassall - Marburg


Lowood - Glamorgan Vale


Mount Marrow - Thagoona


The College buses service areas which bus operators contracted to the Department of Transport are not able to cover and we transport approximately 350 students each day.

Students using these services are charged a bus fee by the College and fares for these services vary from $27 to $40 per week per family (depending on the distance).

Department of Transport Buses

Six bus services conducted by local operators contracted to the Department of Transport also bring in students to the College each day.


(Phone 5465 6519) operate bus services which collect students from the Hatton Vale/Regency Downs/Glenore Grove and surrounding areas. These buses drop our students off at our school (from about 8:15am) on the way to Laidley. The reverse happens in the afternoon with our students being picked up (at about 3:15pm) after the buses have picked up from Laidley.

One service, which operates along Forest Hill – Fernvale Road goes into Laidley first and drops off our students on the way out of Laidley with the reverse happening after school. These students will arrive at about 8:25am and will need to leave the school at 2:55pm.

Laidley Bus Services

(Phone 5465 1797) collects students from the Laidley township and takes these and the students arriving from the Grandchester, Mulgowie, (both services operated by Laidley Bus Services) and Blenheim (operated by Gatton Buses) out to Plainland arriving by 8:33am. These students are picked up in the afternoon at 2:55pm. The changeover occurs at the Laidley District State School.

Students living within 4.8km of this College or the nearest State High School will need to pay the bus operators a transport fee, which is determined by Queensland Transport.

Please be aware that the College has no control over the charges set by independent bus companies contracted to the Department of Transport. Please contact the relevant bus operators for further information.