Student Wellbeing

We employ a dedicated team to assist families and students as they grow, and support learners experiencing significant challenges in their lives.

The Faith student support team currently includes a Registered Nurse, Guidance Counsellor and Careers Counsellor.

This team of dedicated and diverse staff are focussed on the holistic wellbeing of individual students and families, including the implementation of appropriate interventions as required.

In addition to specialist support staff, students have access to Learning Coach teachers and Wellbeing Heads of Phase who assist in providing intensive support mechanisms for our community members experiencing significant challenges.

To strengthen community bonds and promote inclusion and belonging, Faith employs a House structure.

Each House contains students from all year levels, and is led by a designated group of senior staff members, allowing students to access support from both staff and their peers.

Camps and Tours

Camps and tours

Students in Year 7 and Year 11 enjoy specifically tailored camping experiences.

Camps offers students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, and help to strengthen community ties and bonds between students.

Each experience provides opportunities for fun, challenge and teamwork, building both the personal and group capacity of our learners.

These are co-designed and delivered in partnership with a range of external providers, and give students the chance to explore our region and engage in learning activities that go beyond the confines our our College campus.

Camp programs range from three to five days relative to the relevant learning year’s program outcomes to provide opportunity for developing personal and social skills through:

  • Challenge
  • Collaboration
  • Perseverance
  • Grit
  • Resilience

College Houses

Our College House program is a diverse and extremely competitive program within the school environment and allows all students to contribute their gifts and talents to their House group.

Faith students are organised into four Houses. Each House has a Lutheran Patron and has three virtues that bind each House together.

House activities and competitions include the Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals, Academic challenges and Year Level sporting challenges at lunchtimes.

Every staff member and student can also showcase their House support by wearing their House shirts on Thursdays, this also contributes to House points.


Our FLC Redbacks are defined by Courage, Honesty and Loyalty.

The Redbacks’ House Patron is Carl Strehlow, a German Lutheran missionary in outback Australia who headed the Finke River Mission in Hermannsburg, Northern Territory from 1894-1922.


Our FLC Scorpions are known for their Unity, Integrity and Perseverance.

The Scorpions’ House Patron is Theodore Geisel Seuss. Better known to the world as ‘Dr. Seuss’, he authored many beloved children’s books and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1984.


Our FLC Stingrays are recognised for their Determination, Creativity and Trustworthiness

The Stingrays’ House Patron is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, aa German pastor, theologian, and founding member of the Confessing Church.


Our FLC Taipans are known for their Determination, Unity and Enthusiasm

The Taipans’ House Patron is Katharina Van Bora. Katharina was the wife of Martin Luther, and a seminal figure of the Protestant Reformation.