In addition to the standard curriculum, Faith students have the opportunity to engage in a broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

Through our co-curricular program, we encourage students to follow their existing passions and develop new ones.

Students are able to explore a number of different activities including dance, drama, music, visual arts, robotics, debating, public speaking and film making.

Through our co-curricular program, we also invite students to play an active role in our broader college community life through participation in events and public performances.

Explore our facilities and co-curricular offerings on a guided tour!

Our school tours run regularly throughout the year and provide an opportunity for prospective parents and students to tour through our campus, meet our teaching staff, and explore all our college has to offer.

Visual and Performing Arts

Encouraging confidence, creativity and critical thinking.

Creative and Performing Arts are a significant aspect of life here at Faith Lutheran College, where creativity, originality and imagination are encouraged to flourish.

We provide numerous opportunities for learners to explore their creative talents in a safe and affirming environment,

Through engagement with the arts, our students develop as confident, creative, critical, and informed problem solvers who possess exceptional skills in analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.

From Year 7 to Year 12, students can choose to participate in elective units in all five art subject areas:

  • Dance
  • Drama & Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Media, Film and Television


The Faith Dance program is one of the highlights of our College’s artistic landscape. Supported by access to modern facilities and rehearsal spaces, students are encouraged to engage in creative expression through human movement, choreography and rhythm. Students have previously explored a range of different styles including ballet, tap and modern jazz.

Drama & Performing Arts

Faith has a growing drama and performing arts program. Supported in part by our perfoming arts scholarship program, our College provides opportunities for young actors and aspiring stars of the stage and screen to rehearse and perform (and even write!) a number of works ranging from traditional Shakespearean plays to modern dramatic pieces and musicals.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program benefits from dedicated creative studio spaces on campus. Students are encouraged to work and epxeriment with a range of artisitic media, as well as exploring the relationship between artisitic expression and other curriculum areas such as history, geography and humanities.

Media, Film and Television

Our film, television and new media studio is equipped with a range of specialised equipment, including a green screen and dedicated editing suites, allowing students to create high-quality film and digital works, engage in rich storytelling, and explore the world through a variety of different lenses.


Learning in creative harmony

Music plays an integral role in the academic and co-curricular life at the College, and weekly instrumental music lessons are available to all students.

Music lessons are complimented by opportunities to participate in College productions and events, allowing students to build confidence and capability in live performance.

Often delivered through relationships with a range of tutors external to the school, our music lessons make use of our dedicated rehearsal studios. Currently, students at Faith are able to access regular tuition in:


  • Drums and Percussion
  • Brass Instruments
  • Woodwind Instruments
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Vocals

We believe music is for everyone, and strongly encourage all students – even those who have never tried music before – to consider taking up an instrument in Year 7.

In addition to providing an avenue for self-expression and creativity, music education is fun and social, as students learn both technical skills, and skills that allow them to live and play harmoniously with others.

Bands and Ensembles

Across our school community, students are provided with number of different outlets for their musical talents. We encourage students to consider participating in a range of bands and ensembles including numerous College Bands, Vocal Ensembles, Junior Choir, ‘Uke’ Group and our Chapel Band.

School Musical

In addition to bands and ensembles, our talented student musicians have the opportunity to showcase their talents in our annual school musical. This year our cast of future stars will be taking to the stage in our rendition of the 80’s musical Xanadu. Our musical performances usually take place in June/July, and this year it’s sure to be an amazing show!

Performing Arts Scholarships

Are you a talented dancer, performer or musician?

Be rewarded for your talents — apply for a Performing Arts Scholarship at Faith!

Our Performing Arts Scholarships are open to all new students (students looking to commence at Faith) across all year levels.

The recipients of our scholarships are supported up to a 50% remission on tuition fees. If you have musical talent or a passion for performance we strongly encourage you to apply!


Building new capabilities for the ever-changing future

As part of our co-curricular program, and in line with our commitment to contemporary learning and future skills, Faith offers a comprehensive and engaging robotics program.

Computer programming, technological proficiency and teamwork are at the core of our Hot Shots Robotics team, and our robotics students regularly compete at interschool and state-level events.

In addtion to building a number of technical skills for the future, students participating in our robotics program are encouraged to be good sports, innovative and creative thinkers, problem solvers, gracious whether they win or lose, and be good citizens whilst helping each other and other teams to have fun and experience success.

Combining programming with physical challenge, students develop the skills necessary to program robots to play soccer, dance, navigate mazes and perform simulated rescue tasks, before competing against other teams for speed and accuracy.

RoboCup and Robotics Competitions

Our robotics team participates in a number of robotics competitions throughout the school year. The annual RoboCup competition sees our students join over 500 young competitors, as teams battle for robotic supremacy!

RoboCup holds Regional, State and National levels of competition, and our Hot Shots Robotics team has experienced success at each level of these competitions – providing our Robotics students the opportunity to test their skills against the best school teams in Australia. 

Debating and Public Speaking

Empowering the leaders and decision-makers of the future

The opportunities for Debating and Public Speaking we offer at Faith afford students the chance to develop important oratory and presentation skills that assist them both during competitive interschool rounds of these activities, and during their broader secondary school education and post-schooling lives.

Debating is available to students from all year levels.  The College participates in the Queensland Debating Union competition, which sees teams of five students compete, working with coaches to research and prepare a case on their given topic, and present to both an audience and a panel of judges.

In addition to our Debating teams, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of external leadership programs which emphasise public speaking, including the Lions Youth Of The Year program and the ASEAN Youth Summit in Brisbane.