Faith Lutheran College is currently enrolling students for 2015 and beyond. To help aid in making enrolling as easy as possible for you and your student, we follow the following guidelines.

Download an Enrolment Application Form and attach any relevant documentation.  If your child has any special needs please provide details and submit any relevant information.

Return these forms to the College together with the Application Fee.

The College Enrolments Officer will make arrangements for an interview with you and your child in the year prior to enrolment.

Following this interview, the College will notify you in writing if your application has been accepted and will make an offer to enrol your child.

An Enrolment Contract (included with your acceptance letter) will be sent to you to complete and return with the Enrolment Commitment.  Completion of this letter and payment of the commitment indicates your acceptance of the offer of a place for your child.

A package of information will be sent to you in the term prior to your child commencing at the College.  This will contain subject selection forms, book lists, medical forms and other essential information for commencement at the College.