Foundations and Welcome to 2019

Author: Mrs Janelle Anderson, Principal

A warm welcome back to 2019 and we are very excited for the year that will mark our 20th Anniversary. We have been blessed through the work of our student leadership team to have an outstanding theme this year and we look forward to expanding on this throughout the many celebratory and regular events this year.

As the College journeys into the 20th Anniversary year we want to reflect on the influences, challenges and circumstances that have created this Faith Life Community. Understanding God’s call to each of us to serve, grounded in his word and with encouragement from the Gospel, is integral to our learning and call to action. Each person who has played a role in our community before its inception to this important milestone is a special gift that God has blessed us with, all sharing their God given talents. However, key to our community are the roots that underpin our Fruits of Faith and our call to provide an education for all those in our midst -understanding God’s grace and the opportunity to know Christ and his saving love for us.

As a planning group the students brainstormed the significance that 20 years of education has had on the students, staff and wider community of Faith. Their thoughts were around how critical the initial planning has been and the development of our philosophical foundations as well as maintaining our core values and beliefs. It was this background that gave rise to the searching out of the Colossians reference.

Plant your roots in Christ and let Him be the Foundation for your life.

Be strong in your Faith, just as you were taught, and be grateful.

Colossians 2:7 ESV

Paul describes three characteristics of the Christian walk that will lead to abundant thanksgiving:

1. Rooted: When you put your faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, you are rooted in him. Roots bring nutrition to the plant they are connected to. Your life is now being filled by Jesus and not the things of this world.

2. Built Up: Becoming a Christian isn’t the end of the road. We need to be continually allow Christ to build us up and increase our love and faith for him.

3. Established:  The word used for established can also be translated “strengthened” as it is in the NIV. We should constantly come back to the faith we had. We should understand that our faith in Jesus, and his death on the cross, is the only thing that completely satisfies and that will never let us down.

Our 2019 ‘Foundations’ Theme Logo

Our 2019 ‘Foundations’ Theme Logo

The beautiful logo design has captured the symbolism of both the tree and the roots. The students chose to use the roots as an embracing representation for each of us. The following biblical understanding behind the verse gives us a great foundation for the reflections for 2019.

Trees and plants get all their nutrition through their root systems. The roots also keep a plant or tree upright. Colossians 2:6-7 teaches us to let our roots grow down into Christ Jesus and to build our lives on him. Just like the tree, what we feed on makes us who we are.

If a tree is planted in the right kind of soil, it will grow properly and live a long life. If the soil becomes contaminated, the tree is likely to become poorly or die. When some trees become flooded because of a beaver dam they die. If a tree thrives in acid soil, but you pile lime on the ground over its roots, the tree may die. Also a mature tree may die if you raise the level of the soil over its roots.

Just as a good horticulturist will provide the right kind of soil and nutrition for the plants and trees in his care, our Heavenly Father has provided what we need to thrive under his care. God, our Creator knows us through and through. He knows what makes us tick and what will give us fulfilling lives. God gave us the gift of His Son to show us true compassion and sacrificial love. Not only did He send Jesus for us to copy, He sent Him to die for us so our sins could be forgiven. And He sent Him to live inside us, making it possible for us to regain fellowship with God and to receive eternal life.

To this end the worship program will feature four themes that are detailed in the student diaries and will be lived out through worship, action and deed each week of the 2019 year. Our concepts are ‘Grassroots’, ‘Traditions’, ‘Profound’ and ‘New Horizons’. We look forward to the many and varied ways we can share the incredible programs, events and activities at Faith through the wonderful imagery our theme engenders.

We very much look forward to the involvement of all our students, parents and carers in the Faith life this year and we look forward to welcoming you to the College for our regular and special opportunities our Anniversary year has to offer.

Our very best wishes to all families and students and a very special greeting to all our new year 7 families and those families enrolling new to the College in other year levels. I am excited to meet many of you at our Welcome Breakfast on Tuesday the 26th of February.

May peace and joy be with you always. God’s richest blessings.