Year 9 Rite Journey Calling and Departure Ceremony

Authors: Mrs Carri Campbell and Mr Paul Krause - Year 9 Coordinators

Mr Dobson starts proceedings at Wivenhoe Dam

Mr Dobson starts proceedings at Wivenhoe Dam

What a wonderful afternoon and evening we had on Thursday the 14th of March, 2019. One hundred and forty-six young eager faces shared an enjoyable afternoon tea together and energetic conversation with their Rite Journey teachers and each other in preparation for heading out to Wivenhoe Dam. We were a touch worried about the possibility of it ‘raining on our parade’ so to speak, as our three buses drove out to the Dam, but as we neared our destination, the skies cleared as the storm parted around us. Excited students rushed to the Ceremony site where Mr Krause, Mr Dobson and Mrs Campbell provided them with many notable words of wisdom to embark on the commencement of their journey as young adults.

Students then participated in the calling ceremony where they showed gratitude for their childhood and were called on their journey to adulthood. They took part in the ritual of leaving childish behaviours behind with their Rite Journey teacher by writing them onto a piece of paper and dissolving them in flame. Then, it was back on the bus to meet their families back at the College to share in dinner together.

The final stage of the evening - the Departure - involved students and parents/carers engaging in a letter exchange which allowed students to express their gratitude to their parents/carers for all of the amazing things they have done for them over the years and the parents/carers to share some funny, significant and often emotional memories of their journey so far. The opportunity also encouraged students to look forward to their adulthood and depart from immature childish behaviours and grow.

It was a really wonderful afternoon and evening and a lovely beginning to the Rite Journey this year.

Click here for photos of the Rite Journey Calling and Departure ceremony.