The Measure of Discipleship

John 10:22-30, LCA Devotional

A devotional text for this week in our Church’s post Easter lectionary cycle centres around the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Jesus had spent three years with his closest disciples alongside, teaching and ministering to the people of Galilee and surrounding provinces, preaching and performing miracles in the name of the Father. At this point in John’s narrative, Jesus is walking in the temple of Solomon where people approached him, asking when and by what sign they would see him revealed as the Messiah, the Son of God.

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Jesus must have surely been frustrated at their lack of understanding and faith. When we consider these people of old, their lack of clarity, faith, in spite of the very evidence before them and their proximity to the lived out story of the first Easter we are confronted by a similar lack of faith, our own questions about his Lordship, often of the same nature, within our own lived experiences. We want personal reassurance from this man Jesus, we want the same confirmation and certainty of His Power in our own lives as Post Resurrection people of God.

As Easter people, we can know fully the joy of the Resurrection event. Jesus’ response as recorded in John is the same for us. Here we read clearly that if we do not recognise his deeds are from the authority given him through the Father, we are not his disciples. Jesus uses the analogy of sheep, knowing their master’s voice to expand the metaphor.  We, as did first Apostles, who know the power of the Holy Spirit, given to us each fully in our Baptism are to be witnesses to Christ, the Crucified in following his commission to bring this Good News to others.

We are Christians as a direct result of the sharing of the Gospel by others of Faith down through the Ages, we also must share this Good News, the Easter story of Jesus’ power and authority with others. His call to us, is to remain faithful, to maintain resilience, to show and tell others of our Hope in the Resurrection through Him, our Lord and Saviour.

Rebecca Qualischefski - Middle Years Coordinator