Written by Mr Christopher Breingan - Curriculum Manager

Recently I found myself trying to find the right pathway in a city I was very unfamiliar with and with Google Maps directions I wasn’t too sure about. I had no bearings, could see no landmarks, as was solely relying on my faith in Google Maps and the directions it was giving me. It was telling me to turn, but I physically couldn’t, it was saying to walk a further 150 metres, but I could see I was right where I needed to be. Even though this was somewhat frustrating at times, without Google Maps I think I would have ended up quite lost in a very big city. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a recent Professional Development that looked at pathways in the brain. From the millions and millions of brain cells that are joined with the millions and millions of synapses, pathways in the brain are ever changing. One presenter told us that the problem they have with mapping pathways in the brain is that these pathways are often changing because our brain is constantly writing and rewriting information to help make experiences more automated. If that sounds confusing…it was! Basically, he was saying that our brains are changing and the pathways we access information is not always the same.


For our students, pathways through High School can also be constantly changing. With semester 2 just around the corner, students in Years 8, 9, and 10 are busy trying to work out which pathway they will take for the remainder of the year with their subjects. There seems to be a constant flow of traffic coming into our office with students seeking to change their subjects, trying to get their pathway into the following semester correct. Just as I had access to Google Maps, students have access to Mr Ninasvinche, our Careers Counsellor, to help them determine what pathway is right for them as they journey through our school. Which subjects will lead to their desired path at University or what VET courses they are able to access that will set them up for their chosen career path after school? Choosing the right pathway means having a clear idea of where the journey might end.  It is our job as teachers, parents, and caregivers to help students determine the right pathway for their school journey, hopefully leading them to their desired destination when they leave at the end of Year 12.

The bible verse above states that God’s Word helps to light our pathway in life. His Word helps to guide us through our daily decisions through to our life changing choices. In my life I can recall a bible verse that clearly spoke at exactly the right time I needed to make a decision. From changing careers to the smaller things such as having a bad day. Many times, I have found that a simple verse of scripture has given me guidance and hope that God is there and helping me to make the right choices in my life. My hope for our students is that they too will find that when pathways in life seem a little unsure, God’s Word can help illuminate the right path to take.