Bearer of Fruit

John 15:5 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, from apart me you can do nothing.


 This week’s bible verse reminds me of the Fruits of Faith, which are important values the College seeks for students to learn and demonstrate in their daily behaviours and the choices they make.  The vine represents the key teachings of these Christian values, such as care, respect, grace and honour, with the branches representing each individual connected to the vine – and therefore, the College.  The goal of most vines is for its branches to bear fruit, which in this case, are students and all community members demonstrating these Christian values through their choices and eventually actions.

 As a Christian community we rely on God and His teachings to help guide our direction as a school, which aims for all students to know of and experience God’s love.  It is through this love that we as a College believe students can bear the greatest fruits, where their actions are informed by the Fruits of Faith, allowing them in both current and future settings and communities they serve to be enriched and experience greatest success because of their relationship to the vine.


Whilst our College primarily focuses on working with students of today to provide them with the best education service so they can develop and share their God-given talents, the overall aim is to ensure these students are best equipped to contribute to our community and the greater world beyond their time at the College.  Whether this is after hours during their current school lives, or beyond their secondary school education in their adult lives, the College (or vine in this example) is to ensure every student (or branch) is able to be an active citizen in their post schooling lives where they experience both personal success (or fruits) and uplift those within the communities they share.    

 Whilst all people beyond their secondary schooling lives will invariably bear different forms of fruit, the quality and quantity of fruit they experience often depends on their efforts earlier in their lives, including the engagement they share with respective vines they encounter.  Whether these vines are in a schooling, church, family or friendship sense, students who utilise these important connections to learn and inform their decision making to make improved and positive choices that uplift themselves and others, tend to yield the greatest fruits later in life. 


Faith wants all students to carve out a true and meaningful existence whilst here at the College, and not simply exist.  A true existence and meaningful engagement can include a number of things for different students at the College.  Whether this is seeking out and trying a new co-curricular activity, or perhaps demonstrating a growth-mindset in a subject that has previously been challenging, students who genuinely attempt to learn of and develop their God-given talents tend to experience the greatest fruits – whether during their time here at Faith, or often, in their post schooling lives.     

 I encourage all students to strive to carve out a true existence at the College, where they embrace each day and see every experience as a learning opportunity that informs their character and future decision making.