Written by Mrs Rebecca Qualifschefski - Middle Years Coordinator

On the eve of another wonderful opportunity as the extended Lockyer Valley community join us to celebrate with us at our 2019 Faith Fair, we pause to evaluate the human and faith connections that have been interwoven into the fabric of our community of believers.

Using the metaphor of fabric for the Christian community, we can see the warp and weft threads set up by the master weaver within the frame of the loom. These might be seen as the earthly structures which our Father God has created for us to operate within our world. These provide the framework and mechanisms for binding together and cohesion. The shuttle might be viewed as our journey in life which directs us, the thread, through which we make our pattern with the intricacies laid out for us to journey through to our final destination.

We know that belonging and connection are our most primary needs, without these we have no anchor. John C. Maxwell uses an anecdote of a locomotive and its cars. The loaded cars have a destination but no means of reaching this without the locomotive which switches itself on to the same track, makes the connection and repeats until all cars are “in train”.

In Luke 5: 4, 10-11, the writer records how Jesus connected with his first disciples, on a fishing boat out on the waters of Lake Galilee. He is there, present in their circumstance, fully aware of their vulnerabilities in life, engaging fully in their daily toil. He demonstrates his great power in provision of their ”daily bread” yet goes beyond to his real purpose of catching people for his kingdom.


Connectedness, understanding of a higher purpose, this is what happens when contact occurs and a common destination is established.

What do we celebrate about our community connectedness, built on many years of experiences together in events such as our Fair. What do we remember and value most highly?

With each passing year, the buzz of excitement and anticipation grows in the conversations leading into Fair Week, “Will it rain?”, “I remember when it rained!”, “There’s no chance of rain!”.

Our memories and past are linked inextricably into the present celebrations and our hopes for the future are strengthened through our community gatherings.

Community brings us together from disparate parts to whole. In Christian congregations this communion brings us to God’s Table in the Holy Supper where we are joined together with Christ in his death and resurrection. May we be people in communion with each other through our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.