Standing Firm in the Faith

Written by Mrs Janelle Anderson - Principal

This week, we have been examining the bible verse from 1 Corinthians 16:13-

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

And from the King James version it states Watch,stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.

God is a foundation for each of us to stand on. He wants us to take pride in being Christians and to have a deeper relationship with him. God wants us to protect and show other people the values of Christianity. This is especially so when we face our critics and other injustices, when we are ridiculed for our Faith, we should be confident in why we believe in God and to hold firm to our Christian ideals.  A good example is how we need to hold on to our values when maybe other people around us act inappropriately or disrespectfully. Sometimes it takes much more character not to follow than to just go along with others.

·         One should stand firm in the faith or be steadfast in one's conviction against anything that contradicts or that could potentially weaken one's stance of faith.

·         Standing firm against things that oppose one's faith allows us to be a representative and role model of courage to others, we become symbols of courage. Courage comes from confidence built up over time while standing one's ground and overcoming obstacles and challenges.


In the King James version, the Apostle Paul uses four words that are normally used as military commands. These are inspiring and encouraging commands that every person who calls themselves a follower of Jesus Christ should meditate on.

1) “Watch.” He commands us to be alert or to watch. The original word means to “keep on staying awake” or keep on watching, being discerning, listening, and paying attention.

2) “Stand fast in the faith.” We are to stand firm, or to persist with conviction, in our faith in God.

3) “Be brave.” This means literally that we are to “show oneself as a man or women.” Paul is saying don’t be child-like, be brave enough to be the mature man or woman of God you are supposed to be, not being afraid of going against the flow.

4) “Be strong.” This is similar to “be brave,” but it means to be continually growing or increasing in spiritual strength. This does not mean trusting our own abilities or self-confidence. Real strength is refusing to be intimidated by what other people say or think, being instead concerned with what God thinks.

Paul rounds off this list of commands with the command to love in verse 14.-

14 Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 


God keeps me going.jpg

Love is the underlying motivation and theme repeated many times throughout this letter to the Corinthians. He commands us in chapter 14 to “pursue love,” and now he broadens that pursuit to include everything said and done in our lives. We are to hold up our every thought and action against the highest standard—love.

Keep on standing upon God's Word and don't depart from the truth you've heard. I once saw a T-Shirt that said, "If you don't stand for the truth, chances are you'll fall for the lies." How very true that statement is, and sums it up nicely for each of us. Yes, we are to be strong, stand fast, and be brave but not at the expense of running over people. God is love and wants us to be the same. God cares what happens to individuals. It really matters to Him and it needs to matter to us too.

I would ask that we each think about this in our daily lives and interactions with others. Living the way God would want us to - being respectful, compassionate, tolerant and taking pride in caring for ourselves and our personal and community facilities. May you reflect on this week’s message and take it forward in action in your life.

And even as I ask for confidence Dear Lord, help me to remain humble in all that I do.

Give me the courage to face my fears, to stand up for myself, to fight for what I believe in, to bless others and to minister your Word.

Let the fire that burns within me touch the lives of others and manifest your love and grace to all. In Jesus’ Holy Name, AMEN!