Christmas is here! To demonstrate the Christmas spirit and creativity of the school, the staff and some of their students are participating in decorating their doors with various ornaments and photos. A survey was run for all the teachers to find out how staff were getting into the festive spirit. Of all the teachers that took part in the survey, six teachers said that they would be doing Christmas doors.

The themes range all the way from Home Alone to Angels to Dr Seuss or even turning teachers into elves. As everyone is beginning to look towards the holidays, people are creating doors to bring a smile to staff and students alike. It is amazing that teachers are taking time out of their busy schedule to decorate their classroom or staffroom doors, especially with all the marking that happens this time of year.

At the sports hall, staff have worked hard and created not one but two Christmas doors. The Info Hub has also got into the Christmas Spirit by drawing a nativity on the window and having an inflatable version in front. The Language Centre, too, having a magnificent display on the outside of L7. These are just a few of many. Thanks to all the teachers who are helping to make Faith more festive!

Charlotte, Cooper, Reanna, and Scarlett

Year 8 English