Faith Lutheran College first opened in 1999 with 40 students in Years 8 and 9 in a temporary premises in Laidley. The College then moved to our present location in October 2000.

 In 2014, our College has grown to 620 students in Years 8 to 12, and are one of 85 Lutheran schools in Australia.  During 2015, the College will welcome its first intake of Year 7 students who will be educated in a specially planned and designed Year 7 learning precinct.

What is the Faith Difference?

  • Christian beliefs and values are the basis of our ethos.
  • Our school culture, where there is laughter, happiness and genuine joy, where morale is high and self-esteem is being boosted by praise, support and care, provides a positive, energetic and vibrant learning environment.
  • The College has a modern unitised curriculum structure with a greater choice of elective subjects at Years 9 and 10 than most other schools.
  • We offer our senior students alternative career opportunities through School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  • We believe in building good relationships between staff and students, as well as between students and so we have a well-established pastoral care program.
  • In conjunction with the individual-focused pastoral care program, the College has a culture of strong but caring discipline.
  • We believe in giving students as many opportunities as possible to discover and develop their individual talents, not only academically, but also in cultural and sporting activities.
  • We believe in the importance of keeping up with modern technology and so all of our students have access to laptops and the internet.
  • We believe that innovative excursions, camps, overseas trips, service trips as well as work experience, challenge students to understand how the theory of classroom studies is put into practice in the outside world, to develop a sense of community, teamwork and leadership, and to improve their individual skills in various activities.
  • We believe education is a partnership between parents and the College. 
 Year 11 Agriculture Students

Year 11 Agriculture Students

That is the faith difference