Learning Enrichment

At Faith, we recognise the right of all students to have equitable access to our curriculum, and we offer differentiated educational programs specific to the needs of students.

The diversity of all students is valued at Faith, including those who are differently-abled.

In a fully inclusive environment, our specialised Learning Enrichment team supports students to maximise learning opportunities.

Our aim is to develop the whole person for life’s journey, understanding that the journey looks different for each and every student.

Where possible, our philosophy is to offer tailored support to students with specific learning needs.

This may include students with:

  • Physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities
  • Generalised learning difficulties
  • Social and emotional challenges
  • Non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • A special gift or talent
  • Who may be in the care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Making learning accessible and achievable for all students.

Faith Lutheran College staff assist the full participation of students with disabilities and additional learning needs by:

  • Valuing students as individuals, identifying and responding to their needs
  • Identifying and addressing barriers that may limit the student’s opportunities, participation, and benefits to be gained through formal years of schooling
  • Providing an appropriate level of resources outlined in individual plans to reasonably accommodate the needs of students with disabilities
  • Making reasonable adjustments, substituting, or supplementing curricula, course work requirements, timetables, pedagogy, materials, and assessment procedures, to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Facilitating options and pathways for students with needs
  • Providing physical environments that are accessible, stimulating, safe and welcoming
  • Devising fair and transparent enrolment procedures for all students, including those with disabilities and respecting the rights of people with disabilities to privacy and confidentiality
  • Supporting and assisting students to find their educational and vocational pathway as they transition to independence at the end of their secondary years of education

Tailored Learning Support

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Students with a diagnosed disability will have an IEP (Individual Education Plan), which will provide students with the opportunity to focus on personalised goals.

These plans are facilitated by Learning Enrichment staff in conjunction with the student and their family/carer with specialist and allied health professional input, along with classroom teacher consultation when necessary.

Students who have a Learning Difficulty and require support will have a Student Curriculum Plan, similar to the IEP outlining personalised goals and teaching strategies for classroom support.

Educational Support Plan

Students who are in the care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women will have an ESP (Education Support Plan), which will provide three focus goals for the student. These include a focus for participation, wellbeing, and academic achievement.

These plans are facilitated with the student, carer and Child Safety Officer or designated representative.

Personalised Learning Plans

Students who identify as A&TSI (Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander) or are EALD (speak English as an Additional Language or Dialect) will have Personalised Learning Plans outlining Literacy and Numeracy Goals.