Teaching and Learning

Understanding that student wellbeing and academic excellence go hand-in-hand, our educational approach incorporates the latest educational research to help support and encourage modern learners; empowering each student to achieve individual excellence.


Teaching and Learning

At Faith,  we understand that effective teaching requires more than classrooms and textbooks – it requires happy and healthy students, who are encouraged to develop a passion for learning.

We place our students at the centre of everything we do, and emphasise positive relationships between students, parents/carers and teachers – viewing this as fundamental to our delivery of high quality education for each and every student.

While we continuously strive for academic excellence and champion aspiration and achievement, our educational philosophy is holistic in nature, taking into account the development of the whole learner, including their social, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional needs and they learn, grow and mature into young adults.

From building strong foundations for lifelong learning through our specially-tailored Year 7 program, to offering an expansive curriculum and diversity of pathways in our Senior Years, our educational ethos aims to equip, empower and encourage each individual student for success.

We believe that each individual learner is blessed with God-given gifts, talents and abilities, and that, by working in partnership with our students, parents and families, every student has the potential to achieve, succeed and excel in both learning and life.


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