What is it?
Media Amplified is a small group of advanced Media & Film students who meet weekly. In these meetings, students engage in in-depth discussions about Film & Media and complete small projects together.


The Media Amplified Group Logo designed by students

The Media Amplified Group Logo designed by students

Media Amplified students are also responsible for filming at school events including the Talent Quest and Musicals. In the future, we as a group, look to enter local and national film competitions, continue to film more College events and assist the College’s publicity department.

When is it?
This group meets during lunchtimes, some sport times and after school. We will occasionally film on weekends, where your attendance would be expected.

The group is an extra-curricular program offered by Faith and participants must meet and maintain certain academic and behaviour standards to remain in Media Amplified.

Selection Criteria 
Students are selected to join this extra-curricular group if they have shown an advancing knowledge and understanding of all elements studied within the subject of media. Students must also show a clear interest in the study of Film and New Media.