Middle Years

Empowering and equipping younger learners to find their identity as individuals, as members of our school community and as young citizens of the world


Middle Years (Years 7-9)

During the Middle Years of education, relationships and belonging become a core aspect of each student’s development.

Our Middle Years program provides a curriculum, opportunities and activities specifically tailored for early adolescents; supporting younger learners as they navigate an important transitional stage in their lives.

Educating for Middle Years

Through Years 7-9, students often experience a period of rapid and considerable change, wherein relationships and belonging become a core aspect of their development.

Relationships, belonging and the formation of identity are among the key components that define this period of growth, learning and development.

At Faith Lutheran College, particular care and attention is given to providing our Middle Years students with the support, encouragement, skills and knowledge they need in order to navigate these formative years of Secondary education, and emerge with a strong foundation as they enter their final years of schooling.

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Middle Years Philosophy

Catering for the needs of each learner through the twin lenses of academic support and pastoral care, our focus places student support at the centre of our educational practice, providing teaching and learning which is characterised by:

Flexible, holistic, authentic and engaging learning experiences

The development of skills in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication

Empowerment of student voice and choices within learning, and engagement through personal interest

Interdisciplinary and inquiry-based approaches to learning, which connect the development of skills and knowledge to meaning and contexts beyond the classroom and school community

The promotion of positive relationships and healthy self-identity

Opportunities to grow in confidence, independence and resilience

An approach to assessment, feedback and reporting that encourages ongoing reflection and improvement.

Our Middle Years Philosophy is further supported by our whole-of-College commitment to holistic education and student wellbeing, ensuring that the social, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional needs of each learner are given consideration through all aspects of life and learning at Faith.


Educating for resilience, confidence and positive futures

Understanding that the middle years of education are a critical period in the health and emotional development of students, we endeavour to equip our Middle Years students with the skills, resources, opportunities and confidence to take positive risks, explore new pathways, discover who they are, and make decisions about who they want to be.

Encouraging Self-Efficacy

Through our approach to Middle Years education, and by operating under a philosophy that moves beyond a ‘chalk and talk’ style of teaching, our Middle Years students are given guided ownership and responsibility in their individual learning.

Our goal is to build self-efficacy and foster resilience in each learner, preparing them well for the expectations of subjects in the Senior Years curriculum, and further into tertiary study.

Learning Through Challenge and Experience

In addition, our Middle Years learners are encouraged to challenge themselves – to learn new skills, engage in new experiences, and to explore their strengths and limitations in an environment of safety, support and encouragement.

This freedom to explore is key to helping our students form positive self-identity, confidence and self-belief, and is a hallmark of Middle Years education at Faith.

Choice and Opportunity

As students approach Senior Years, this freedom extends into the ability to make choices regarding subjects and curriculum, with a multitude of electives on offer as preparation for selection of choices aligned to post-schooling goals and pathways from Year 10 onward.

Middle Years students are encouraged to begin thinking about goals for the future, and to explore the suitability of these goals through their elective choices.



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