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May 13, 2021

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NewsBites, Issue 6 - 2021


Faith Lutheran College is now officially recognised as a Gateway School for Construction through a new partnership with CSQ and the Queensland State Government

Faith Lutheran College has been formally recognised as a Gateway School for Construction through a partnership with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).


Following on from recent recognition as an official gateway school for Health and Community Services, Faith Lutheran College has secured status as an official Gateway School in Construction. Faith, working in partnership with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and the Queensland State Government, will be in a position to offer unprecedented links to industry and training opportunities for Senior Students engaging in Vocational Education and Training (VET) study programs through our Trade Training Centre.



An initiative of the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, the Gateway to Industry Schools Program aims to build partnerships between schools and industry to enable young people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes to participate effectively in the Queensland economy, and provides opportunities for industry and the education sector to work together to deliver outcomes for students, local communities and businesses.

Students participating in the program will be exposed to a range of learning experience to assist them in their career choices and pathways to employment, including increased opportunities to engage in work experience, access to specialised training to assist with entry into the workforce, and career path guidance and advice from industry professionals.

Visiting Faith to announce the partnership, Ms. Tegan Plant from CSQ took some time to chat with VET Manager, Kate Munro, and discussed the positive benefits Faith’s status as a Gateway School will have:

“Faith students will have a level of access and engagement with industry that is second-to-none. The links and relationships that CSQ has with a number of large organisations – organisations that are working on large-scale construction and infrastructure projects in the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley areas – will unlock doors and opportunities for employment, as well as allowing students to learn directly from industry. Teachers at the College will also benefit, as the program allows educators to access a range of professional development opportunities to help ensure best practice is being taught in the classroom and workshop.”

In addition to the wide range of industry partners CSQ currently works with, Ms. Plant made special mention of a relationship with leading engineering firm, John Holland, who are currently contracting on a number of projects on the western side of Brisbane.

“The development that is happening out this way is presenting a range of different career paths within the construction sector. Not just in terms of direct construction, but careers in para-professional capacities – architecture, surveying and drafting, estimating, project management… the Gateway Schools Program can help students explore different careers within the industry, and provide hands-on experience that can help students evaluate whether it might be the right pathway for them.”

The CSQ partnership and Faith’s participation in the Gateway School Program is the result of some hard work from our VET education team and the Trade Training Centre staff, who first reached out to CSQ about the program, and is sure to deliver some incredible success stories in the months and years to come.

“It’s just a really good program for students, and a great opportunity for Faith to build upon it’s current VET offerings in a new way – a way that will lead more students than ever before into successful post-schooling careers in the construction industry.”

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