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March 29, 2021

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NewsBites, Issue 5 - 2021


One of Australia's most significant artists, Marian Drew, recently dropped by our Visual Arts studios to lead a hands-on photography workshop for our Seniors.

One of Australia’s most significant photographic artists, Marian Drew, recently visited Faith, leading a hands-on workshop with our Senior Visual Arts and Visual Arts in Practice students.


Exploring photography, drawing, painting and printmaking techniques, with a focus on the foundations of both digital and analogue photography, our Senior students were treated to a valuable practical session, which saw them work alongside Ms. Drew to create a variety of original pieces, and investigate alternative techniques for producing work, including creating chemigrams (a means of creating an image on light sensitive paper, without using a camera), and photograms.



Ms. Drew, an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University, is best known for her photographic ‘still life’ works and compositions. Boasting a career that spans more than 30 years, incorporates more than 25 solo exhibitions, and includes work in collections held by the John Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), the Museum of Photographic Art (San Diego) and the National Gallery of Australia, Ms. Drew has a love for teaching photography to students, and engaged our Seniors in a range of studio experiments that encouraged deeper understanding of photographic processes, techniques and methods.

Working with a range of both man-made and natural objects, students learned about composition and lighting, as well as techniques that utilise light-sensitive papers and developing processes to produce inverted images – challenging the creator to think about the effect that exposure to light will have on the final product.

As part of their studies in Visual Arts and Visual Arts in Practice, students are required to explore different mediums and processes for creative visual expression – explorations that are intended to expand their own artistic practice. While this occurs naturally throughout the subject, the opportunity to learn directly from a practicing artist and benefit from industry expertise was invaluable, and will hold our students in good stead as they continue to refine their own artistic styles and creative methods in the lead-up to producing their own pieces for assessment.

Faith Lutheran College would like to thank Ms. Drew for taking the time to share her expertise with our students, and we hope that one day pieces from our Seniors might join her work in some of the world’s most respected art galleries!



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