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Wellbeing On Wednesday (#WOW): Cutting The Ribbon On Cloe’s Cubby House

Year 12 student, Cloe Greisbach, has been hard at work throughout the year – making the most of her Personal Project time as part of our Wellbeing on Wednesday program, to complete a large-scale construction project in the Trade Training Centre.

When it comes to Personal Project time, the message to students throughout the year has been: “If you’re interested, and you’re passionate and you want to make it happen, what you can achieve in this time can lead to an amazing outcome”.

These words have certainly rung true for Year 12 student, Cloe Greisbach, who has accomplished quite an impressive feat: Completing construction on a full-size, fully-framed cubby house for her young nephew.

Cloe, who has aspirations to pursue a career in nursing, was determined to “try something new” and saw the ability to choose her own individual project as an opportunity to acquire a range of different skills, while creating something that would provide joy and a childhood of memories for the lucky recipient –  her young nephew. Working on the project for the majority of the year, Cloe was engaged in all stages of construction, from planning and sketching through to finished product, drawing on staff and other students to help her upskill in the use of equipment and machinery along the way.

Reflecting on her favourite parts of the project, Cloe talked at length about the value of the input of others:
“I enjoyed working with Wade (pictured) and Mr. Walters. They made my experience memorable and enjoyable. Along the way, we changed things and improved the process… they were great for advice as I learned how to use new pieces of equipment, and explored what type of material would be best suited for each job”

It’s an approach and a reflection that highlights the value of collaboration, with many of the student-led projects leading to learning from peers, or through an iterative try-review-refine approach to solving problems. By encouraging students to be ambitious – which sometimes means taking on a task which may make them feel out-of-their-depth – our Personal Projects help to facilitate an environment wherein students learn to navigate problems and find solutions, without a prescribed answer or path to reach the goal.

In this way, student-led projects emulate life outside or beyond school, where the ability to explore a range of different approaches, or use a combination of different tools, to solve a given problem creatively becomes a key for employability and success in further study.

While Cloe is quite open about her newly-developed construction skills not playing a large role in her future vocational direction (“I don’t think they’ll help me outside of school… but you never know!”), the process of developing those skills is where the true value lies. That, and the joy of giving her nephew quite possibly the best Christmas present he may ever get. In Cloe’s words: “He’s going to love it! I just have to figure out how to get it home…”

Great work Cloe, and all the best for your future career!

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Liam Hensel


Friday, November 12 2021

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