Year 8 Camp: Challenges and Adventures at Apex Twin Waters

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May 25, 2021

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NewsBites, Issue 6 - 2021


Our Year 8 cohort recently traded the green grass and paved courtyards of Faith for mud, obstacle courses and surfing lessons at Year 8 Camp!

There was barely a dull moment, as our Year 8 cohort engaged in their annual camp – trading the green ovals and paved courtyards of the Faith campus for the mud, obstacle courses and adventure of the Apex Camp in Twin Waters.


Each year, our Year Level Camps provide an opportunity for our students to bond, building and strengthening relationships with one another through activities that rely on teamwork, cooperation, collaboration and support. This year’s Year 8 Camp was no exception, as students tackled a ‘Tough Mudder’ style obstacle course, rose to new heights with an opportunity to participate in some rock climbing, and engaged in body boarding lessons at the local surf beach.



Always a highlight of the year, Year 8 Camp provides our students with experiences and memories that they will value for a long time to come. Year 8 student, Naomi Ryder, recently shared her thoughts and feelings about the event on the Faith Facebook page:

“Camp was an amazing experience. My favourite activity was bodyboarding because I love being at the beach. On the first night, we were forced inside just before dinner as a hailstorm had blown in. Due to the storm, the campfire had to be pushed back to the second night. The food was nice at camp especially the pie and chips! I enjoyed the night activities particularly the campfire because we got to roast marshmallows. My group worked well as a team especially when we were doing the rock-climbing, and everyone was encouraging each other. In my opinion, camp ended too quickly!”

While it is fantastic to hear such positive feedback from our students, camps also play an important and more serious role in College community life, particularly in our middle years (Year 7-9) program. In line with our commitment to holistic education, and our belief in educating the whole person, our Year Level Camps provide a valuable opportunity for students to explore, inquire and experience the world around them.

As young adults, our learners are still forming their identity and a big part of this process is developing an understanding of themselves, others and their place in the world. By providing opportunities for our Year 8’s to explore and interact with the world, to step outside of their regular comfort zone, and to be presented with opportunities to challenge themselves, camps help to promote resilience, perseverance and self-confidence – attributes that hold our students in good stead for life, both in and out of the classroom.

Thank you to Mr. Hallas for organising this year’s camp, and to Naomi for her positive reflections on the experience. We look forward to more amazing camps in the future!





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