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The safety and wellbeing of all members of the Faith community is of the utmost importance to the College. To foster and uphold a safe and nurturing environment, the College implements and communicates important policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are periodically reviewed and updated for the benefit of all.

Please feel welcome to read some of the following College polices:

Child Protection Policy

Grievance Policy

Privacy Policy

Wellbeing and Relational Management Policy

All College policies and procedures relevant to enrolled students and families are available via the College’s learning management portals – Student Café and Parent Lounge.  

What To Do When…

Absent, Late or Unwell

I am absent from school

When a student is absent from the College at morning roll call, it is important for parents/carers/guardians to inform the College as soon as possible by calling the Student Absence Line (Phone 07 5466 9966).

Please state the reason for, and advise who is notifying the absence. Alternatively, the College App also provides a means of submitting an absence notification for a student. Using the App is fairly self explanatory once it has been downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes. For assistance with using the App contact College Reception.

When it is known in advance that a student will be absent for some time, parents/carers/guardians are requested to notify the College, in writing, prior to the absence occurring. For further information, please request a ‘Guidelines for Extraordinary Leave’ form from College Reception. On return to the College after any absence, a note explaining the reasons for leave should be provided to Care Group Teachers.

I am late to school

Report to College Reception with a note explaining your absence and sign in.

Your name will be recorded in the Late Arrival Register and a late arrival slip will be issued to you. It is the responsibility of the student to  check for any Daily Notices if they arrive late. Consistent lateness will result in a restorative discussion.

I am late to class

Lateness to class must be explained. If you have been helping a teacher in a prior class or speaking with a teacher about an issue, you must have note signed by the teacher. Lateness without a note will be dealt with accordingly.

I am between lessons

When you have two lessons in a row with no break in between, you are required to take your books and materials for both lessons with you. Students must not attend lockers or return to bags between lessons.

I need to leave the College during the day

If leaving the College for any reason, a note must be shown to your Care Group Teachers at morning roll call, shown to your teacher when leaving class and taken to College Reception when you leave.

Your departure will be recorded in the Early Departure Register. Students are required to have their diary or exit pass signed by their teacher in order to leave the classroom during lesson time.

I am sick at school

Students should not attend school if they are sick, injured or in any pain. If a student becomes ill or is injured while on College grounds, they are to go directly to the Health Centre where they will be assessed by a qualified first aider.

Students are not to ring their parents to pick them up from the College without prior approval.

Once a student has been assessed, they will be either provided with first aid, rested in the Health Centre or, if it is considered desirable that the student should be sent home, parents/carers/guardians will be contacted

I am unable to participate in sport or activities

If a student suffers from a medical condition, or is unable to participate in Sport, PE or other activities necessary for learning, a note from a parent/carer/guardian explaining the condition or detailing reasons for non-participation is required.

Sport notes should be handed to the College Nurse who will sign the note from the parent/carer/guardian. The student is then to give the note to the appropriate member of staff at the start of the lesson

Transportation (including Late Collection)

I want to stay after school for activities

Students remaining at the College after 3:20pm for tutoring, study or to attend any other organised activities, must record their names in the After School Register held at the Information Hub.

Students will not be supervised beyond 4:30pm and must wait on the porch of the College Administration Building for parents to arrive. Students must be collected from the College before 4:30pm unless prior  arrangements have been made.

I want to drive my car or ride my bike

Students wishing to drive a car to the College must first apply to the Principal for permission and must give details of the vehicle’s make, model and registration number.

All students must adhere to the College’s policies and procedures in relation to student drivers. These policies are available on Student Café, Parent Lounge and on request from College Reception.

Students must not under any ircumstances driveother students to or from the College unless the parents/carers/guardians of both the driver and the passenger have given written permission to the Principal.

Student vehicles are to be parked in the Carpark bays closest to the basketball courts.

Students may ride bicycles to school. These are to be parked in the bike racks located behind A Block. It is the law that students must wear a helmet at all times when riding their bicycles. Bicycles must not be ridden around the College grounds and they are only permitted to be used by their owner.

I am getting dropped off to or picked up from the College

Parents/carers/guardians are asked to drop off and pick up students in the ‘stop, drop and go’ zone to the left as you enter the College gates. The bus drop off zone on the
right hand side upon entrance is strictly for bus use only. The carpark is reserved for
those that are exiting their vehicles to enter the College i.e. student drivers or visitors
to the College.

Exceptions can be made to the above when a student has a physical reason or is required to drop off a heavy or awkward item such as a Cello etc. The few parking spaces in front of the Administration Building can be used; but if the use is to be a regular occurence, College Reception must be advised in writing.

The speed limit on College grounds is strictly 10kph and all traffic directions are to be followed at all times. For the safety of all our students we expect all drivers to adhere to speed limits and directions.

Uniform, Property and Belongings

I am not in uniform

If you are unable to wear the correct College uniform, you must bring a note signed by a parent/carer/guardian explaining the reason. Your Care Group Teacher/s will sign this note during morning Care Group. Students seen to be out of uniform who do not produce a note signed by both a parent/carer/guardian and Care Group Teacher will be required to report back to their Care Group Teacher or their House Coordinator to be issued with a Uniform Pass.

I have lost my belongings

Lost property can be reclaimed through the Care Group lost property boxes. These are collected by Care Group Teachers on  Tuesdays and Thursdays and lost property is distributed in Care Groups on these mornings. The Lost Property boxes are located in the A Block courtyard and are also accessible during morning tea time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays if in the presence of an allocated staff member or student.

To assist in returning lost property to its rightful owner, please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with the student’s full name and Care Group.

I have valuables I want to bring to the College

Valuables, including large amounts of money, should not be brought to the College and the College accepts no responsibility for any of these items. Valuables including mobile phones, iPads, iPods, MP3 players and digital cameras, when they must be brought to school, should be left at College Reception for safe keeping.

I need to see a member of staff during a break

Students needing to see a member of staff during meal breaks may do so, however, at the main lunch break, please wait 15 minutes after the break has commenced so members of staff can take a break for lunch. In an emergency, please report to College Reception for further advice.

I lose or damage my student ID card

All students are issued with a College ID Card at the start of each school year. ID cards are required to access library resources including laptop computers and iPads. If a student loses an ID card, a replacement is available from College Reception at a charge of $10.00 each.

I want to borrow resources from the Information Hub

The Information Hub is open during school terms between 7:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Thursday and 7:30am to 4:00pm on Fridays.

Students are able to access library resources which include books as well as online databases and computer equipment. Student ID cards supplied by the College are required to borrow books. Overdue notices will be issued for any items that are not returned or are lost or damaged. Items that remain oustanding after this overdue notice expires will then be charged to parents/carers/guardians to cover the cost of replacement.

I need to pay for something at the College

Payment to the College is to be facilitated at College Reception. Payment methods accepted at College Reception include cash, cheque and Eftpos/credit card. Any payments related to the purchase of Uniforms are to be facilitated at the Uniform Shop during Uniform Shop opening hours. It is important that monies are not kept in lockers, but handed in at College Reception at the start of the day.

Contacting Staff Members

I need to see a member of staff during a break

Students needing to see a member of staff during meal breaks may do so, however, at the main lunch break, please wait 15 minutes after the break has commenced so members of staff can take a break for lunch. In an emergency, please report to College Reception for further advice.

Bullying or Harassment

I am feeling bullied or harrassed

The College has a policy of ‘Non-Contact’ and strictly enforces its harassment regulations to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of all students. A comprehensive Harassment Policy document is available to all parents and students of the College on enrolment and is also available on request from College Reception, via Student Café and Parent Lounge.

Any action that may endanger the life or safety of another person, is considered harassment or bullying and is strictly prohibited. Harassment and bullying in all forms is forbidden at the College and any acts of bullying will incur serious consequences.

Harassment and bullying includes:
• Acts of violence
• Physical bullying
• Mistreatment
• Verbal abuse or intimidation
• Teasing
• Innuendo
• Racial or other cruel, hurtful or unwelcome taunts
• Online bullying through social media platforms or text messages

Sexual harassment includes:
• Touching
• Crude or suggestive talk
• Offensive gestures
• Jokes
• Intrusive questions of a sexual nature
• Telling of crude stories
• Unwelcome showing of photographs or other offensive material
• Unwelcome physical contact

Harassment is determined by the perception of the recipient. That is, how it makes the recipient feel, NOT what the perpetrator intends.