Faith Lutheran College proudly offers scholarships to gifted and high-achieving students in the areas of Academic Excellence, Sports and Performing Arts.

Our scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to students in order to strengthen the quality of our educational programs.

Scholarship opportunities are available to all new students, with a limited number available in each of the three categories  (Academic, Sports and Performing Arts) on an annual basis.

We believe that education should provide opportunities for each and every student to develop their unique, God-given gifts and talents.

Our Scholarships program is an extension of this belief, and forms part of our commitment to helping students access high quality teaching and learning.

The recipients of our scholarships are supported up to a maximum of a 50% remission on tuition fees, and we are often in a position to offer multiple academic, sports and performing arts scholarships each year.

We encourage all new students to consider applying for a scholarship.


Application Information

Scholarship applications for students seeking to commence at Faith Lutheran College in 2022 are now open, and close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 31 March, 2021.

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    Types of Scholarship

    Academic Scholarships

    The academic culture at Faith is one that places students and their learning at the heart of the school. We value the student voice, and operate a vibrant and dynamic learning program for academic students.

    We pride ourselves on developing young leaders, and offer a broad range of extension, acceleration and leadership opportunities for students looking to excel in their academic studies.

    We encourage gifted and high achieving students to consider applying for scholarship on the basis of academic merit.

    Performing Arts Scholarships

    Our flourishing Performing Arts program
    features numerous opportunities for students to perform and further develop their gifts and talents through the arts.

    Faith Lutheran College offers a select
    number of scholarships to students who show outstanding abilities in the Performing Arts. If you are a high achiever in this field, and are willing to show your commitment to the College, we encourage you to submit your scholarship application.

    Sports Scholarships

    Our sporting teams and representative competitions present a broad range of opportunities for gifted student athletes. Emphasising participation and a desire to pursue personal bests, Faith Lutheran College is committed to providing pathways for young people with passion and outstanding ability in sports and athletics.

    We encourage all students with demonstrable athletic ability and achievement to consider applying for a Sports-based Scholarship.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If my child is awarded a scholarship, how much will I save on school fees?

    The recipients of our scholarships are supported up to a maximum of a 50% remission on tuition fees. Based on our fees for 2021, this could represent a saving of up to $2648.00 per annum for the duration of the student’s schooling at Faith.

    Who can apply for a scholarship?

    Our scholarships are available to new/commencing students. Scholarship applications must be submitted as part of, or accompanied by, an Enrolment Application.

    Can my child apply for more than one type of scholarship?

    Yes! Students are encouraged to submit an application for all categories (Academic, Sport, Performing Arts) they feel they may be eligible for.

    Can my child receive more than one type of scholarship?

    No. In the interest of fairness and equality, whle students can apply for consideration across all three categories, a given student is only eligible to be awarded one (1) scholarship.

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