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Each year, a large number of our graduates complete their Year 12 studies and gain entry into University through obtaining an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR)

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ATAR and University Entry

Faith Lutheran College has a strong history of producing University-ready graduates, and offers a full complement of General subjects to cater for the post-Secondary study goals of our Senior Students.

Subject Selection

While we recognise that the aspirations of each student are different, we take great care in designing our curriculum so that those students eager to pursue a high ATAR are able to do so through a wide range of subject choice.

As students begin to prepare to select subjects, we invest a great deal in conversations with both students and their families. Our approach is to work with each student and their family and promote an aspirational attitude toward post-school options, ensuring that each student has multiple avenues available to them following the completion of their secondary studies.

What is an ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the standard measure of a student’s overall academic achievement. Usually awarded at the completion of Year 12, ATAR scores are the primary mechanism that Australian universities use to determine entry into courses.

Most importantly, ATAR scores indicate a student’s position relative to other students in the same cohort across the state.

When calculating the ATAR, there are many factors taken into account, including the perceived difficulty of the student’s subject load, and the performance of other students within those subjects across all schools in Queensland that year.

How do students obtain an ATAR?

To obtain an ATAR, Senior Students are required to complete a certain number of subjects that are viewed as effective precursors to University study.

To obtain an ATAR, an individual student must either:

  • Complete 5 General Subjects
  • Complete 4 General Subjects, and additionally complete 1 Applied subject.

Applied subjects are viewed as more practical versions of their General subject counterparts, and usually do not score as highly in ATAR calculations.

Since a higher ATAR makes more post-school pathways, and a greater number of Universities, accessible to the individual student, the completion of 5 General Subjects is encouraged to be the goal for those students aspiring to continue their studies at University.

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Download a copy of our current College Prospectus for additional information on our Senior Years Curriculum at Faith.

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Learn more about the range of ATAR-eligible subjects offered at Faith Lutheran College

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ATAR Pathways at Faith

Each year, we are fortunate enough to see a large number of our graduates complete their Year 12 studies, obtain an ATAR, and gain entry into some of Australia’s leading Universities and Higher Education Institutions.

At Faith, asipration is a quality we encourage in each learner, and we are proud to see our Senior students continue to aspire to continue their formal education beyond secondary level.

Planning for entry into University or other Higher Education formally begins from Year 10 onwards, as students and their families are engaged in discussions regarding subject choices, post-school goals and the range of pathways that may be taken to realise those goals.

This planning (often referred to as ‘Senior Education and Training Planning’, or ‘SET Planning’) includes discussions with students and families, and input from our College Careers Counsellor, subject teachers and members of our Senior Leadership Team.

Following on from SET Planning, students make their subject selections, including a pattern of subjects that will allow them to receive an ATAR on successful completion of their Senior studies.


Senior Years Subject Offerings

Faith Lutheran College offers a broad range of subjects at both Year 11 and Year 12 level. Our Senior Years curriculum supports choice from both General and Applied subject streams, as well as the opportunity to obtain Certificate-level qualifications that enable students to qualify for early admission or guaranteed places in University programs.

We are committed to offering an extensive range of subjects to our Year 11 and Year 12 students, and to promoting a wide range of subject combinations that support entry into leading universities and higher education institutions.

As a result, our Senior students are often able to study a combination of subjects that reflect their personal interests and passions, while ensuring they are meeting the requirements necessary for entry into University, TAFE or other tertiary study.

While the specific range of subjects available in each year varies according to student interest and selection, great care is taken to ensure that both the attainment of high ATAR scores, and the range of post-school pathways available to each cohort, is maximised. 

For a detailed list of both ATAR-eligible subjects that are available as part of our Senior Years curriculum, please download a copy of our most recent College Prospectus.

Download College Prospectus »

Download a copy of our current College Prospectus for additional information on our Senior Years Curriculum at Faith.


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