Our College sporting program is a key component of our holistic and balanced approach to education. 

Faith sports programs aim to deliver quality learning experiences in sport that promote enjoyment, life-long engagement, and achievement.

Through regular high-quality sporting competition against like-minded independent schools, students will develop the human attributes necessary for the future including respect, leadership, unity, and determination.

We are proud to offer our students a wide variety of sporting opportunities supported by an enthusiastic group of staff.

Regularly competing against other schools in the region, and supported  by the construction of our new state-of-the-art Sports Centre, Faith has a reputation for both exceptional sportsmanship and athletic excellence.


Taking  great pride in our student athletes, Faith also offers Sports Scholarships to talented students.

We encourage all new students with a gifting and passion for athletic competition to consider joining us at Faith, and applying for scholarship consideration.


Sports Programs

At Faith, we support and encourage all students to achieve their personal best

We understand that students need opportunities to play in order to keep fit and healthy. Whether it’s a game of basketball or football during lesson breaks, or a more serious athletic competition, Faith’s comprehensive sports program offers something for all students.

Interhouse Swimming Carnival

Each year, our students take to the water as our College Houses compete in our Interhouse Swimming Carnival.

Making the most of Plainland’s warm summer weather, our annual Swimming Carnival takes place in Term 1, and provides opportunities for our aquatic athletes to compete.

This event is internal to Faith Lutheran College, and forms part of our College House competitions, but students are also able to compete in events to qualify for representative competitions.

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Our annual Interhouse Athletics Carnvial provides an opportunity for students to participate in a wide range of track and field events.

Usually held in Term 3, our Athletics Carnival provides an opportunity for all students to compete in a wide range of events including sprints, hurdles, high jump, long jump and relay races.

This event is internal to Faith Lutheran College, however students may also compete in events to qualify for representative competitions.


GBC Sport

As a member of the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC), our students have access to a year-round Saturday sporting competition.

The GBC competition allows our students to compete against some of the strongest Colleges in the Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich and Logan areas.

Whilst the competition provides opportunities to participate in sports such as Netball, Touch Football, Soccer and Tennis, it has also allowed our students to experience sports that are not commonly available in the Lockyer Valley including Volleyball, Basketball and Indoor Cricket.

Total Rugby Program

Faith Lutheran College operates a highly competitive Rugby Union and Rugby League program.

The Total Rugby Program provides multiple Rugby pathways (Union, League, Rugby 7s) for boys to develop skills, gameplay understanding, tactical awareness and most importantly character.

Total Rugby embodies the values of Respect, Responsibility, Honour and Grit, with a purpose to grow the person alongside the player, break negative stereotypes about playing ‘footy’ and create a sense of belonging and community.

The program allows teams to participate in the Confraternity Rugby League Competition, Broncos Cup, Darling Downs Super Schools Cup and The Downs Rugby 7s. It is envisioned the program will grow to offer similar opportunities for girls at our College.

Representative Opportunities

Our students enjoy a wide range of opportunities to represent our college, our district, our region and our state.

Additional opportunities are provided to students in such sports as Equestrian, AFL, Touch Football and Netball, along with encouragement and support to trial for Western Ranges District and Metropolitan West Representative teams. Our involvement in these programs has been extremely well represented by our students at Faith.

Sports Scholarships

Are you an outstanding student athlete?

Apply for a Sports Scholarship and join our team at Faith Lutheran College!

Our sporting teams and representative competitions present a broad range of opportunities for gifted student athletes. Our Sports Scholarships program is open to all new students (students looking to commence at Faith) across all year levels.

The recipients of our scholarships are supported up to a 50% remission on tuition fees, and we encourage all new students with demonstrable athletics ability to consider applying.

FLC Crusaders

A helmed warrior who represents the spirit of Faith students as those who would battle strongly for what they feel is right, the FLC Crusader is our College’s sporting mascot.

Each time a student represents Faith Lutheran College they embody the spirit of the Crusader:

  • Keeping the Helm of Salvation upon their heads, remembering to protect their thinking from ungodly teachings.
  • Wearing the Breatsplate of Righteousness at all times, to protect the Word of God that has been written upon their hearts.
  • Donning the Belt of Truth, which holds their armour together for your spiritual protection – the truth which is Jesus Christ.
  • Carrying the Shield of Faith, which protects against evil
  • Holding the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. With the word, our student will keep their enemies at bay.