Faith Lutheran College Plainland

Staff Contact Information

Key Staff:

Principal                                                                               Mrs Janelle Anderson           

Deputy Principal                                                                 Mr Tyson Kenny                     

Business Manager                                                              Mr Warren Haag                    

Assistant to Principal                                                         Mrs Dana Stevens                  

Assistant to Deputy and Business Manager                   Mrs Kellie Reinke                   

College Pastor                                                                     TBA                                                 TBA

College Counsellor                                                            Mr Kevin McConnell               

Director of Teaching and Learning                                  Mr Royce Mahoney                

Curriculum Manager                                                         Mr Matt Armstrong                 

Director of Student Services                                            Mr Darron Skinner-Martin     

Middle Years Coordinator                                                 Mrs Rebecca Qualischefski     

Head of Learning Enrichment                                          Mrs Kathy Jamieson              

Enrolments                                                                         Mrs Cheryl Pisani                   

VET Manager                                                                      Mrs Kate Munro                     

Publicity/Marketing                                                           Miss Sarah Dalton                 

Tuckshop Convenor                                                          Mrs Janeen Fotia                   

Year Level Coordinators:

Year 7                                                                                  Anna Hanssen                         

                                                                                            Chris Breingan                        

Year 8                                                                                 Nikita Prinsloo                       

                                                                                             Thomas Kent                           

Year 9                                                                                  Carri Campbell                        

                                                                                            Paul Krause                             

Year 10                                                                                Sam Crawt                               

                                                                                            Michael Wardrop                    

Year 11                                                                                 Megarn Barrett                     

                                                                                            Nicola Heuschel                   

Year 12                                                                               Lou Bruce                                

                                                                                            Reid Dobson                         

Curriculum Leaders:

Agriculture and Dance                                                      Emma O'Shea                         

Business                                                                              Janise Williams                       

Christian Studies                                                                Matt Dixon                                 

Drama and Music                                                               Anita Short                              

English                                                                                 Kat Morrow                             

German                                                                                Matt Armstrong                      

Health and Physical Education                                        Dale Beckett                             

Hospitality and Home Economics                                    Kim Roberts                            

Industrial Design and Technology                                   Kevin Abraham                       

Information Hub                                                                 Maria Turner                           

Information and Comm. Tech                                          Carri Campbell                        

Korean                                                                                 Andrea Blakely                       

Learning Enrichment                                                         Kathy Jamieson                      

Mathematics                                                                       Mrs Lyn Dance                            

Media                                                                                   Samantha Crawt                    

Science                                                                                Chris Persson                        

Sport                                                                                    Anthony Jeffes                       

Visual Arts and Media                                                       Reid Dobson