Our College uniform helps identify our students both to each other and to the world, and forms an important part of our College ethos.

College Uniform

Our College Uniform is mandatory for all students

We offer a range of options outside of our full formal uniform that students are able to wear regularly. This reflects the active nature of our typical school day, which may include physical activity or specialised classes (such as working in our Trade Training Centre).

Uniform Shop

The Faith Uniform Shop is located on campus, and operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is also open by appointment.

Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday 8.00am – 1.15pm
Thursday 10.00am – 4.00pm

Request an Appointment at the Uniform Shop

Please complete the form below to send a message to our Uniform Shop Convenor and arrange an appointment at our Uniform Shop.

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    Uniform Price List

    Our Uniform Price List is updated on a regular basis.

    It is important to note that uniforms are not included in standard College fees, so families are encouraged to factor the cost of uniform into their budget each year. This is especially important for new families.

    A visit to the uniform shop is essential for new students, and we keep stock of our entire uniform including the full formal uniform, sports uniform, and house shirts, which are most commonly worn on Wednesdays.

    Faith Uniform Price List

    Uniforms are mandatory at Faith Lutheran College, and all items can be purchased through our Uniform Shop

    A copy of our most recent Uniform Price List can be downloaded below.


    Second-Hand Uniforms

    In line with our commitment to keeping education affordable for our families, Faith offers the opportunity for families to buy and sell second-hand uniforms through its Uniform Shop.

    This means that:

    • Families with school leavers are able to recoup some of the cost of uniform at the conclusion of the students’ time at Faith;
    • Families are able to ensure that growing children are always in a uniform that fits correctly, without continually spending on brand new items.

    Details of our Second Hand Uniform Policy can be found via the link below:

    Which uniform should my Student wear each day?

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

    Students have the choice to wear their sports or formal uniform, unless otherwise advised by the College.


    Students are to wear either a House shirt with sports uniform shorts, or full sports uniform.

    When is formal uniform required?

    Full Formal Uniform must always be worn on the first day of term, regardless of which day this falls on.

    In addition, students will be required to  wear full formal uniforms during formal events as notified by the College to Parents/Carers and Students. Information regarding uniforms is usually communicated:

    • via email, through TASS Parent Lounge and Student Cafe;
    • as a notification, via the School App

    It is highly recommended that parents/caregivers and students both download the School App.