Year 7

Welcoming our youngest learners with a specialised focus on dedicated support, individualised learning, community connection, and skills for the future


Year 7 At Faith

Making the transition from Primary into Secondary schooling can be both challenging and exciting for young learners.

At Faith, we employ a dedicated team of Year 7 teachers and draw on the latest research in education and neuroscience to provide a teaching and learning environment that welcomes new students, emphasises familiarity and daily routine, and builds strong skill-based foundations for optimal learning as student progress into the middle and senior years of their education. 

Dedicated Teaching and Learning Staff

Enrolling your student in Year 7 at Faith Lutheran College marks the beginning of many ‘new’ things: a new educational journey, a new environment to explore, new classmates to meet, new experiences to navigate and new subjects to investigate.

To ensure our Year 7 learners are provided with the best possible beginning to their Secondary schooling, we employ a group of highly experienced teaching staff who work solely with our Year 7 classes, providing a greater capacity to implement explicit teaching strategies for individual learners.

Timetables Designed for Optimal Learning

Research from the areas of neuroscience and metacognition show that different times of the day are best suited to different modes of learning, particularly in younger learners.

Through our Year 7 program, we offer a daily routine that engages students in different modes of learning at the times of the day that those modes are most likely to be effective.

Our Year 7 classes are encouraged to learn in the ways they learn best, building confidence and capacity for self-guided learning into Year 8 and beyond.

Features of our Year 7 Program

Greater individualisation of teaching and learning, including tailored intervention and acceleration strategies

An ability to plan complimentary units and projects across core curriculum areas to facilitate the acquisition of skills, as well as knowledge/content.

A collaborative approach to student wellbeing, underpinned by deeper relationships with each individual student

A harmonious approach to the introduction of greater student choice and agency in learning, preparing younger students for self-motivated and self-directed study in later years.

Explore Teaching and Learning

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Project and
Thematic-Based Learning

Our Year 7 students routinely engage in project, theme or concept-based learning – units of work which include the exploration of topics across multiple curriculum areas.

These units help to connect key concepts to real-world examples and perspectives, and play a key role in developing young learners’ capacities for analysis, inquiry, collaboration, visible and critical thinking – foundational skills which help to support students to continue learning as they grow.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) has also been observed to reduce anxiety around assessment (as units of work may serve as assessable across different curriculum areas), helping to produce a more engaging, more authentic, and often, more exciting learning experiences for our Year 7 and Middle Years students. 


Strong Relationships:
Co-Location, Community and Connection

With students arriving from many different schools, cultural and educational backgrounds, one of the keys to our success in Year 7 is our ability to help students build strong relationships, a sense of belonging and a feeling of being connected to our community at Faith.

Due to our rural surroundings, our Year 7 cohorts are often comprised of students from a number of different primary schools across the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions.

By co-locating our Year 7 students and their classes in a dedicated space –  a space which can be opened out into a number of flexible learning areas – we allow our Year 7 cohorts to build relationships not just within class groups, but across their entire year level, creating sense of community, belonging and security from their very first day.

The forming of community and comfort through belonging also underpins our Year 7 camp, which usually occurs within the first two weeks of the new school year.

By providing an opportunity for all our newest, youngest learners to spend time with our teachers and with each other, away from a school setting, our Year 7 students can focus on building positive and affirmational relationships that set up a strong social and emotional foundation for learning across their first year of Secondary school life.


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